Thursday, December 29, 2011


It's like we have fallen out of love en masse. We have lost our ability to love and our capacity to appreciate what's truly beautiful. Since when have we all become these soulless children of the wannabe masses? Nobody knows. We simply imitate. We imitate in relationships, we imitate in love, we imitate in fashion. We miserably sigh for true romance in our lives, each one of us, either married or single, young or old, man or woman. We are not true to ourselves, let alone each other. We are freaking lonely. And we very well deserve it.
The 2000s has tricked us into believing that we have freedom, yet sadly what we all have turned into is nothing but slaves... Slaves of technology, slaves of money, slaves of sex, slaves of religion, slaves of mass production. A whole mess of poor quality love, poor quality food, poor quality clothes, all comes with the territory. And we just get used to it. It's no big deal for us because we think we are lucky, we have the widest range of alternatives and if one doesn't work out for us we can always easily jump at another. It's all out there to consume anyway. The delusion that "we can choose" is carrying us away through its sweet darkness, so we don't care if something or somebody genuinely fits or suits us or is right for us or even means anything to us.
We keep deceiving and being deceived. And the funny thing is we don't even get disappointed anymore, which makes it inevitable to come to believe that emotional disappointment is a virtue, because its prerequisite is good old "faith". If someone doesn't put faith in something, which is the case most of the time nowadays, then they have neither a right nor a need to get disappointed about it. They don't even have the time for it. After all, they have to be quick. There is no time for such bullshit. Quickly fall in love, quickly dress, quickly fall out of love, quickly undress and go on and on. Keep making love merely to cover the need and keep getting dressed merely to cover the body.
What happened to true love? What happened to candle lit dinners? What happened to silk morning gowns? Who took all the rose petals from the bed? Where have all the stylish, chic, well-groomed ladies and gentlemen gone? Why have we become so tasteless individuals? Elegant, untouchable, romantic sexiness is like a long lost friend now. Women walk around like caricatures, whether in the streets or at home or in Hollywood movies. Women have forgotten how to adorn themselves or fancy up for their men. A woman should be a feast for the eyes. She should have the seductive confidence of a Burlesque star and yet have herself respected. She should have the luscious red lips of Marilyn Monroe and yet be prudent with when and whom she kisses with those lips.   
We need to remember how to be a woman first to be treated like one. Otherwise we will never be happy. We already killed almost everything that has some sort of romantic value or respectable meaning. We are the murderers of true romance. May it rest in peace...


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